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Report on Darkythe
Your SteamID & in-game name: Yours Truly, Noccam :^)

Offender's SteamID (REQUIRED) & in-game name: Not sure, but his name is Darkythe

Short description of what happened: Leader of TPS Downfall all the way back when Sega the Chupacabra was a mod LMAO

Your idea of a reasonable punishment with justification of why this is fair: Let him return and permanently gimp him

Evidence/proof (REQUIRED): I am Darkythe, and Im pretty sure TPS Downfall had some ddosers in it that led to the actual downfall of TPS. Along side some very questionable decisions by Kropp, this server has died. HOWEVER I want to get the old gang back together. People like Zuta, Legit, and more. Bring back the golden days of TPS. Make TPS Great Again. Thank you.

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