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Rules/ Motd
First and foremost, respect all staff members.  They are here to make your stay at this server enjoyable.

What is RDM?
The definition of RDM is Random Death Match.  This means killing or attacking another player without an RP reason.

What is NLR?
The definition of NLR is New Life Rule.  This implies:
-You cannot return to where you died for 5 minutes.
-Cannot return to the same RP situation until it is over(ie. raid)
-Cannot Revenge RDM(Kill the person who killed you last for no rp reason)

What is RDA?
The definition of RDA is Random Arrest.  This means arresting or warranting another player without an RP reason.

What is AoS?
The definition of AoS is Arrest on Sight.  This means arresting someone on sight, which within RP rules, can be allowed.

What is KoS?
The definition of KoS is Kill on Sight.  This means killing someone on sight, which within RP rules, can be allowed.

  What is self-supply?
The definition of self-supply is using a class that can spawn weapons and using that weapon for personal use, or otherwise obtaining a weapon through unruleful means for personal use.

            What is a sit?
A sit is a situation where a member of staff needs to pull a player out of an RP situation to talk to them for any reason ranging from immediate corrective action, or just talking to the player to understand the situation.

    What is FailRP?
The definition of FailRP is acting out of character in roleplay situations, and not following general roleplay rules. This is a broad spectrum, and can come in many different forms.

            What is OOC?
The definition of OOC is Out of Character.  This means that your words and actions are considered to be outside of your current RP situation, and this must be discussed in OOC chat, or in some cases, within local voice chat, so long as everyone understands that what you are saying holds no bearing on the current RP situation.


1.) Do not RDM.
2.) Do not RDA.
3.) Do not micspam.
4.) Do not troll.  Trolling in an RP scenario will lead to AoS or KoS.  Trolling as a class who is not advised to, may lead to administrative punishment.
5.) Do not randomly warrant.
6.) Do not self-supply.
7.) Do not engage in FailRP.
8.) Do not return to the same place that you've died within five minutes.
9.) Do not kill someone out of revenge.  This falls under FailRP. 
10.) Do not harass staff about becoming a staff member.  Doing so will prevent you from becoming a staff member in the future.
11.) Do not disconnect to avoid sits, or avoiding sits through any other means.
12.) Do not hack or threaten to attack the server or its players.  This will result in an unappealable permanent ban.
13.) Do not threaten real life harm to another player.
14.) Do not disrespect other players personally/while not in RP.
15.) Do not disrespect other players in the OOC chat.
16.) Do not mass spam props. You will be banned immediately.
17.) Do not spam flashlight.  - Falls under Trolling.  Same rules apply
18.) Do not spam keys (knocking/locking/unlocking)  - Falls under Trolling.  Same rules apply
19.) Do not spam the open/close door.  - Falls under Trolling.  Same rules apply
20.) Do not camera spam.  - Falls under Trolling.  Same rules apply
21.) Do not spam the stun stick.
22.) Do not trap players in props.
23.) Do not prop abuse(Surf, Kill, Drop, Spam, etc.)
24.) Do not Chat Spam.


1.) May not AFK in spawn.
2.) Do not demote players while staff members are online.  Unless AFK.
4.) Do not act biased against players because of their age or gender.
5.) Do not set your name to something vulgar or inappropriate.
6.) Using LUA scripts except from the ones that come with the server is forbidden.
7.) Do not impersonate any staff.
8.) Do not encourage or tell people to break the rules in this MOTD.
9.) Do not break rules to enforce rules. Report any rule breaks to an admin. If no staff is online please record evidence and make a post on the forums.
10.) You may not sell RP cash for real currency. ***
11.) Make sure the person you are kidnapping/mugging knows you are doing so.
12.) Do not use bugs or exploits. If you find one, report it on the forums or to an administrator immediately. If you are found abusing bugs or exploits you can be !warned or banned depending on the severity of the abuse.
13.) Do not body block people or pretend to be AFK in doorways.
14.) No roleplay of any kind in the spawn area. As soon as you leave the spawn area, you may not re-enter to avoid roleplay.
15.) If someone is following you, you must make it clear to them to stop following you with three warnings. If they refuse you may kill them.
16.) Do not RP if you are spawned in jail cell after being un-arrested, call an admin for assistance.
17.) No signs that are blatantly offensive (ie. directed at a specific group or individual, and are made in order to offend/annoy someone.)
18.) May only place signs in/on your building.
19.) Once you have your hostage secured you must advert how much you want in order for you to free your hostage.
20.) Max ransom price: $25,000, $100,000 for the mayor
21.) You may kidnap every 10 minutes, or 20 minutes to the same individual
22.) You may mug or raid every 5 minutes, or 10 minutes to the same individual/base.
23.) Max Bail: $5,000, Max Gun License: $2,000.


        Members of staff have the final say when it comes to the interpretation of rules, and the punishment associated with it.  If you feel a punishment is unjust, you may report the staff member in charge of the sit in the forums.

1.) You may have a maximum of 5 fading doors in a building. The fading door must be about 5 meters from a real door, and have to have a 5 second duration.
2.) Fading Door abuse is not allowed. (Using keybinds to open doors to quick shoot and hide)
3.) You must have a keypad for each fading door in the base. (On both sides of the door)
4.) You cannot have stacked fading doors. (You need to be able to pass the first fading door)
5.) No one-way props (Only you can see them BUT both players can shoot each other)
6.) You may not raid a building with a "building" sign placed in front of it. You may only have a building sign for 20 minutes maximum.
7.) You may not have any weed / printers while a building sign is up.
8.) You may have a KoS line on your own property.  This grants you the ability to kill anyone who has crossed the line.
9.) You may kill anyone soliciting outside your line, after ONE verbal warning.
10.) Your building MUST be raidable. (Lockpickable entrances, no area of the building is propblocked)
11.) You may not have any points in your base where jumping or crouching is necessary to be able to raid it.
12.) You may only stash goods in your base in lockpickable areas and containers.
13.) To own an entire building, you must own all doors within that building.
14.) If you are not doing anything with your building, and another player wishes to build there, you may be asked to forfeit your ownership of the door by a staff member.
15.) You may not build outside as any job except for Hobo, or if it is a police checkpoint.
16.) Building on the sidewalk is allowed only directly in front of your own property.
-Groups with 5+ members can create a megabase, a base that encompasses a large portion of the map.
-Before and after you build, you must okay the megabase with a staff.
-All doors in the megabase must be owned by the party.


1.) We do not impede on your freedom of speech on this server.  Say what you want within RP situations.
2.) Any OOC conversations must occur in the OOC chat.  Refusing to do so will be considered FailRP.
3.) Please do your best to stay in character in general.  It will lead to a fun experience if RP is done correctly!
4.) The Mayor has a 10 minute grace period where he cannot be killed, raided, kidnapped, or harmed in any other way.
5.) Roleplay scamming players out of RP cash, weapons, and other goods is allowed.  This is considered theft, and is well within RP rules, but cannot be done by the Gun Dealer or Bartender.
6.) If you are being kidnapped or mugged, act accordingly.  Your options are fight, run, or give in.
7.) Please perform your job correctly.

                                          SIT RULES
    In the event that you are pulled into a sit, follow these guidelines, or you may be subject to punishment.

1.) Stay calm.
2.) Speak your side of the story.
3.) If the sit involves more than one person, speak one at a time.
4.) Do not lie.  We have extensive logs.
5.) Stay professional.  Refrain from using explicit language during a sit.
6.) Do not get angry with the staff member in charge.  They are just trying to do their jobs.
7.) RDMing or RDAing during a sit out of rage or otherwise will lead to a more harsh punishment.

                                      THE GLOBAL JOB RULES

These rules apply for any job listed below.   

1.) Any job may raid, except for weapons dealers, black market dealers, drug dealers, bartenders, and hobos.
2.) Any job may mug, except for weapons dealers, black market dealers, drug dealers, bartenders, hobos, and members of civil protection. (Met let him go)
3.) Any job may have any type of weapon, except for the Mayor, and hobos.
4.) Any job may base anywhere, but:
  -Civil Protection may only set up bases within the PD.
  -The Mayor may only base within the PD.
  -Bankers may only base in the bank.
  -Any class other than Civil Protection may not base within the PD.
  -Any class other than Bankers and their Guards may not base within the bank.
5.) If you are found abusing any job, your access to that class may be removed temporarily or indefinitely, according to the staff member's discretion.

                                                CITIZEN RULES
Your average joe.

1.) You do not have a designated job.  You're able to RP freely!

                          HOBO RULES
            One hit too many.

1.) You may build outside.
2.) Throwing bugbait at people is Trolling, however if they warn you or its against the law you may refrain from it.
3.) No guns larger than a pistol.

        The city is yours!

1.) Set rules for the inhabitants of your city to obey.
2.) You may set fines for the Civil Protection to collect from citizens for breaking laws, up to $50.
3.) May not own a weapon higher than a pistol.
4.) The laws you set for the city may include anything, however they must still abide by the server rules.
5.) May charge up to $2000 for a gun license, and up to $5000 for bail.
6.) You may not change the default laws.
7.) Default Laws
-Firing off a gun in public is illegal
-Drugs are illegal
-Murder/Attempted murder is illegal
-Raiding is illegal
-Mugging is illegal
-Kidnapping is illegal
-Money Printers is illegal
-Tool, Physics and Gravity guns are legal
-Medkit is legal
-Self-defense is legal (only with a legal weapon.)
-Hits are illegal.

May be overridden:
-Melee weapons are legal (Knives, crowbars)
-Batons are legal (Unarrest baton, stun stick)
-Black-market goods are illegal
-Guns larger than pistols are illegal
-Threatening to break a law is illegal
-Pistols are legal
-Raiding, kidnapping, pickpocketing tools are legal
-Rocket boots are legal
-Bug baiting is legal
-Disrespect is legal
-Peaceful rioting is legal
-If there is bail or not
-If there are gun licenses or not

                Protect and Serve! (Or make some cash on the down low.)

1.) May not randomly taze or warrant.
2.) May not randomly arrest.
3.) May not randomly break down doors.
4.) May not take money from hacked ATMs
5.) May not own any other property than PD
6.) May build bases in PD (but cannot put a building sign for protection.)
7.) Must explicitly state the reason for the arrest of a player.
8.) During criminal raids, they must follow the orders of the Chief.
9.) May be corrupt.
10.) May not search without a warrant, unless explicitly allowed to by the suspect in question.
11.) You may not issue warrants based off of these examples:
-The sound of a money printer in a building nearby.
-Seeing illegal goods clipping through the wall.
-Searching a building that "looks suspicious" (ie. a built base).
12.) Unless you are corrupt/on someone's bankroll, you must do your best to help every citizen in need, and participate with police activities.
13.) If you are caught being corrupt by your fellow CPs, you may be subject to arrest, demotion from your job, or both.
14.) May search any citizen who enters the PD without cause.

                MEDIC RULES
                                        Do no harm.
1.) You may charge a fee for healing, up to $500.
2.) You may work for anybody you wish.

    Lead the Gangsters!

1.) You may lead raids with your Gangsters.
2.) You may not ask your Gangsters to perform tasks for you that would break RP rules.
3.) You may have as many hostages as you can take!
4.) You may only ask for a maximum of $25,000 per hostage.
5.) If you manage to kidnap the Mayor, you may ask for a $100,000 ransom maximum.

      Become a member of the local gang!

1.) May raid without the Mob Boss/Kingpin.
2.) May kidnap without the Mob Boss/Kingpin.
3.) May mug citizens without the Mob Boss/Kingpin.
4.) Not cooperating with the Mob Boss or fellow gangsters may lead to a KoS.

The lone wolf.

1.) May raid alone.
2.) May be paid to lockpick something for another player.
3.) May not kidnap players.

      Money talks, and dead people don't.

1.) May be paid a maximum of $15,000 to kill another player.
2.) May only kill the target that he has been assigned, and anyone interfering after one verbal warning.
3.) Must work by themselves.

          Your friendly neighborhood arms dealer.

1.) You must be actively selling guns.
2.) You may hire a maximum of two guard.
3.) Once selected, your store must be operational within 25 minutes.
4.) May NOT use guns that they spawn for their own personal use.  That's what guards are for.

    Slightly better than a mall cop.

1.) You may be hired by anyone to protect their store, house or goods.
2.) You may demand a one-time payment up to $20,000 per life to defend their goods.
3.) Once you die, you may demand payment again from the same person.
4.) You may work for only one contract at a time.
5.) Only three bodyguard per base.

    Wanna play a game?

1.) You may kidnap other players.
2.) You may only have three hostages at once.
3.) You may only ask for a maximum of $25,000 per hostage hostage.
4.) If you manage to kidnap the Mayor, you may ask for a $100,000 ransom.

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